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We live here too!

AllTron is a company that combines the latest electronic security products with old-fashioned customer service. We are not an impersonal national company that treats you like a number. Our management has been part of the local community for 40 years.

The AllTron advantage


You will see the same friendly faces and hear the same caring voices when you call on us. The first thing we do is set up an appointment to meet with you at your convenience - no sales are done over the phone. And unlike other companies, the person you make the appointment with, is the very same one who will show up at your door. This allows us to truly understand your security concerns and design a custom system that will fill your needs in a manner you can afford.

You really do get what you pay for


"Free” security is anything but. It’s a simple trick used by large companies trying to grab a piece of the fast-growing, nearly 30-billion dollar home security market and you are the target. Think about that for a moment. To these companies, your home security is really just part of their financial security. According to securitysystems.net, Slomin’s which is really a fuel oil delivery company, gives you a very basic “free” system if you agree to an unbreakable 5-year contact. “As you can guess, the 5 year long contract length leads to number angry consumers, ranging from customers who just regret signing such a long term deal, to customers who move to an area not supported by Slomin's monitoring stations.” Same holds true of cable TV and phone company systems all of which offer “everything you need” for free or very little, yet require long-term contracts, purchase of other services and large increases in fees for any upgrades beyond basic protections.

The truth about home security


Renown on-line magazine Lifehacker states that basic, cookie cutter or do-it-yourself cheap alarm systems “are easy to work around, so be careful not to rely on these systems…as an attacker can walk up to a front door and suppress the system…do whatever they want within the home and then exfiltrate, and it's like they were never there... “ Forbes magazine scribe Edward “Ted” Siedle also chimed in on the same subject, stating: “You might be surprised to learn, as I did, that the greatest threat to the security of your home may be the very people you have selected to install or monitor your home’s security”. Many companies like ADT, use contractors and sub-contractors to install their equipment, meaning there is no real way to check on their background and credentials. It’s no surprise that Tyco owned ADT has one of the worst customer ratings in the industry. Does that make you feel more secure?

Glenn DeFaber


"The monitoring facility we use is UL certified and monitors your property at the highest level of protection - the same as banks and government installations. Residential security requires a 3 minute call back to comply with UL requirement. Our normal response is 30 seconds. Our company principals are licensed by the State of New York, we are fully insured, guarantee our work and bring a combined 70 years of professional security experience right to your door. Just how serious are we about security? I'm a licensed private investigator."

Glenn DeFaber - President AllTron Inc

Eric Horsa


"Why protect your family’s precious security behind the shield of a heating oil company? Why guard your house from deadly CO2 and fire with the help of sub-contractors? When someone looks for a doctor or lawyer to protect their family's life and property they don't look for the cheapest or who just happens to be in the office that day. They choose  the best they can afford, the most skilled, personally involved and experienced. Free is worth what you pay for it….nothing."

Eric Horsa - Vice President AllTron Inc

Rapid Response


Your monitoring company should be as personalized as your security system so AllTron chose to partner with the award-winning Rapid Response Monitoring Service,

Rapid Response coordinates advanced technologies, continuous training and comprehensive operations to provide the most dynamic, personalized and professional monitoring services in the world. Their staff is stringently screened, continuously trained and tested. We chose Rapid Response Monitoring because to us at AllTron, monitoring your security is not a job for just anybody.