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Protect your pets


It's truly home security unleashed with AllTron's home and pet monitoring. Our amazing technology can spot the difference between intruders and beloved pets and alert you to hazardous changes in home conditions like temperature, smoke and Co2.


Protect your family


AllTron is all about secure, "personalized" protection and total peace of mind. We have a custom solution for every lifestyle, budget and need. Our specially designed systems do more than keep you and your family safe, they keep you in control and competely connected.


Protect your home


Bring your home to life with AllTron's Tuxedo Touch controller from industry security leader Honeywell. It's easy to learn and easy to use whether your controlling your personal security, home control functions, viewing and recording video or using voice commands.


You really do get what you pay for


"Free" security is anything but. It's a simple trick that's used by large companies trying to grab a piece of the fast-growing, nearly 30-billion dollar home security market. Worse yet, that means to these companies and criminals alike, your are the real target. Think about that for a moment..

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We've seen the danger of cheap security


AND FIXED IT! Not only do cheap cookie-cutter security companies take shortcuts, they can put you and your family at risk. Just look at the shoddy job done by one of our low-cost competitors Note the improperly insulated wires placed over a heating pipe creating a melting and fire hazard.

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GPS Alerts


Total Connect Tracking Services put you in the driver's seat, with speed alerts, geofence and real-time tracking of loved ones and valuables. (more)

Theft Protection


AllTron's Theft Protectioon Sensors from Honeywell can be afixed to any valubales in your home and alert you if any things are moved or taken. (more)

Smart Home


AllTron's Tuxedo Touch and Lynx both from Honeywell are unmatched in home automation and control, from lights to locks, shades and climate. (more)

24/7 Monitoring


To protect you, your property and the ones you love, AllTron has partnered with the multi- award winning Rapid Response Network...(more).

Mobile Control


With a tap of your finger, the intuitive Honeywell Total Connect Remote Apps give you text and email alerts, video and full remote control on the go. (more)